Hawthorn – Missouri's State Flower

Hawthorn is Missouri's official state flower emblem. It was Governor Arthur M. Hyde who signed the bill on March 16, 1923 naming it as their official flower. Hawthorn is a flower that belongs to the great rose family that bears the appearance of the apple group. It is known as the red or white haw that blossoms yellow green centers and outlines a white cluster. The country's department of agriculture encourages the cultivation and of the flower because of its beauty, fruit, and foliage.

It was made as the official state flower of Missouri because of its distinct features. It is a lovely flowering tree that is appropriate for shading the porch, decorating the grass, and lining the street. It is sturdy since it can be grown in open areas as well as in the city. The leaves are unevenly arranged, indented, lobed, and appearing like long thorns. During fall, the leaves change from green to golden yellow and with traces of purple, red, and maroon colors. By May, the tree blooms pink, red or white flowers that consist of 5 petals in not less than 2 inches of clusters. In late September or early October, the tree produces red, apple-shaped fruits that can be used to make jelly or jam. The fruits continue to fill the tree until the winter months. The twigs are slim, gray with dark red terminal buds, and with noticeable thorns. The barks are beige-gray externally that sheds off to show a cinnamon-colored second layer. This happens on the branches as the tree matures and grows. Younger trees often have silver-green branches that rarely bear thorns.

In general, hawthorn is a thick shrub or small tree. The unique characteristics of the tree make it a worthy state flower emblem that best represents the state of Missouri.

Branson Condos Rental Advice for the Perfect Vacation in Missouri

If you are thinking about renting a condo in the near future, especially in the Branson, Missouri area, you may want to consider the following helpful tips to help your vacation go as smoothly as possible.

Try to plan your vacation as early as possible as condos sometimes are booked up to a year in advance. You could also try to plan your vacation on off peak times for better deals. Some places may offer up to a 25% decrease in price so it is worth spending a little extra time to research the off peak season.

While you are at it, make sure the condo is relatively close to local attractions and eateries. You are more than likely going to be unfamiliar with the area so save yourself the trouble and try to stay fairly close to your condo.

Be sure to consider what amenities you would be interested in while you are condo shopping as well. Some condos offer private swimming area’s, fully equipped kitchens, washers and dryers, and free internet access just to name a few.

Be careful when a condo lists a high number of recommended occupancy with a low number of beds unless one or more of your guests are willing to sleep on a less accommodating arrangement such as a couch. If you have teenagers, this may not be a problem. So the lesson here is to make sure to research the number and size of beds before scheduling.

I hope you will be able to use the advice above to help your renting process go more smoothly and stress free.

Mike Anderson Bio – Head Basketball Coach of University of Missouri (MU) Tigers Basketball Team

Mike Anderson is best known to most college basketball fans today as the head coach of the men’s basketball team at the University of Missouri which is also commonly referred to as Mizzou or simply MU. Coach Anderson has received praise from supporters of the Columbia, Missouri based college for leading the basketball program to post season NCAA Tournament wins following both the 2008-2009 season and the 2009-2010 basketball season.

In addition to being a proven winner on the basketball court Anderson has won over the hearts of faithful MU Tigers supporters with his consistent commitments of loyalty to the university. In March of 2009 Mike signed a contract extension with MU and in doing so reportedly turned down an even more financially lucrative offer from the University of Georgia of the Southeastern Conference (SEC).

In the spring of 2010 a similar concern arose when University of Missouri fans were one again afraid that they might lose their successful basketball coach to poaching efforts by another college. During the 2010 scare the threatening school was the University of Oregon which due in part to the tremendous resources bestowed upon the university by locally based Nike was reportedly offering Coach Anderson a significant salary increase to move to the Pacific Northwest and coach the University of Oregon Ducks in the Pacific 10 (Pac 10) Conference. Coach Anderson chose to politely pass on the offer from the Oregon Ducks and remain committed to the contract extension that he signed with the Missouri Tigers on March 31, 2009.

Long before becoming a hot commodity in the world of Division-I basketball coaches Mike, born in 1959, grew up in Alabama where he was an all-state high school basketball player in his own rite. After high school Anderson played for now well-known basketball coach Nolan Richardson (who eventually won a national championship with the University of Arkansas in 1994) at the University of Tulsa. The duo of Mike Anderson and Coach Richardson won a NIT Championship together in 1981.

After graduating from the University of Tulsa in 1982 Anderson spent three seasons as an assistant coach at his alma mater and when head coach Nolan Richardson moved to the University of Arkansas in 1985 Anderson followed suit and served as an assistant there for 17 years. In 2002 Mike Anderson accepted a head coaching position in the city where he was born at the University of Alabama Birmingham or UAB for short. After four very successful seasons at UAB Anderson accepted the head coaching position at the Big 12 Conference mainstay the University of Missouri where he has been ever since the 2006-2007 season.

Hunting on Missouri Public Land

Although many hunters turn their noses up at the mere thought of hunting public land, for one reason or another, many hunters historically have to look to public land to find land on which to hunt. Fortunately for Missouri hunters, as well as those visiting the Show-Me-State to hunt, there are lots of great public land options. This article will introduce you to hunting on areas managed by the Missouri Department of Conservation. There are approximately 1,000 of these areas, and most of them offer some kind of hunting options.

Missouri conservation lands can be found aplenty from the Iowa border to the Arkansas state line and from Illinois to the East all the way to Kansas. There essence sees to change as you go from north to south. The southern conservation areas are in the Ozarks and some are intense in size.

Areas in southern Missouri, like Current River, Peck Ranch, Angeline, and Rocky Creek are all in the tens of thousands of acres. The areas are heavily forested and are a twisted mass of ridges and hollers. Deer and turkey hunters who find success here are experts on acorns and water sources. The deer densities are low relative to northern areas, but there are certain numbers and some experts believe that a world record buck may soon be produced in an area like Sunklands. Right now, most trophy deer are coming further north.

There are some sizeable conservation areas further north. Areas like Union Ridge are close to 10,000 acres. These areas are more diverse in their habitat. You will find some heavily forested areas and certainly there are hilly regions as well. However, these preservation areas have far more in the way of old fields, orchards, and other vestiges of former agricultural pursuits. These areas are very good not only for deer and turkey hunting, but also for upland game and birds. There are even some decent pheasant areas near the Iowa border.

One nice thing about the hunting options on Missouri's conservation areas is that they are not only found in rural areas, but there are some excellent hunting options near urban centers. One of these areas is Bush Wildlife Area in St. Louis Charles County near St. Louis Louis. There are managed deer and turkey hunts as well as small game hunting opportunities.

Before heading to any of these areas, visit mdc.mo.gov to get the latest regulation information for the area you will visit.

What Does Trenton Missouri Mean to Visitors?

This morning, my daughter Chloe and I were enjoying a delicious breakfast at the Lakeview Restaurant in Trenton, Missouri. As we walked in for our usual table (Chloe is 6 years old and has eaten here over 400 times in her young life already) I could see the gentleman we had visited with the previous morning; he was seated next to “our” table.

We greeted each other, and then, Bob got out his cell phone to show Chloe a picture of his massive Rottweiler “Nacho”. Bob had told me the day before that he was a salesman, and would be in Trenton a few more days before moving on to Wisconsin, but not before taking in a Kansas City Chiefs football game on Sunday.

In between sips of what I’ve come to refer to as the “World’s Best Coffee”, Bob and I chatted about the marvelous fishing in Florida. My mother-in-law lived in Fort Meyers, Florida, and I had once enjoyed the coastal waters that Bob has access to most days of the year. As I looked outside at the dreary, rainy, and very cool for October weather, it was easy to envy Bob’s home location as he proudly stated “It’s going to be 91 degrees in St.Augustine, Florida today!”

Suddenly, Bob shifted to another topic. He said “You know, this may sound liked B.S., but I travel a great deal, and the people here in Trenton are some of the nicest, warmest and most hospitable people I’ve ever met!” I looked across the table at my daughter; she had an all-telling grin on her face. One that said “I know; this is my home. It IS a nice place to live.”

I’ve heard the same from others who have stopped to visit Trenton. I travel a great deal myself; I have presented in nearly 70 different cities across the United States this year already. I do love to travel, and don’t get me wrong, there are some incredibly exciting places, and breathtaking sights out there…things that can’t be experienced here in Trenton, Missouri. However, the one thing that is never “topped” and seldom rivaled, is the openness and willingness to start a conversation, or to lend a helping hand, that you find in Trenton, Missouri.

The downside to Trenton? You get close to, and make friends with many, many people. If you live here long, attending the funeral of a friend who has passed, experiencing the sadness of a personal loss becomes common place.

The upside to Trenton? You get close to, and make friends with many, many people. If you live here long enough, you’ll attend many funerals, and have an abundance of opportunities to reflect on how lucky you are to have so many close and trusted friends, and live in such a close knit community.

Bail Bonds in Missouri – A List of Surety Bail Bond Rules by Location For St Louis, Missouri

Below is a list of surety bail bond rules by location for the St. Louis Missouri metro area. Rules vary by location, so please read and locate the specific court venue you have questions about. These rules are also subject to change at the discretion of the court. These rules apply to all licensed Missouri Bail Bond Agents, as well as private citizens attempting to post bail. Contact your local bail bond professional for more specific information.

Bail bonds at St. Louis City are either posted at the St. Louis Justice Center or the Mel Carnahan Court House, depending on the charge and date of arrest and length of confinement. When inquiring about one of these bonds it is helpful to know the date and approximate time of arrest, as well as the nature of the charge and if the arrested person has had a court appearance on the charge or not. If the bond must be posted at the Mel Carnahan Court House this must be done during normal court hours, M-F, or Saturday 9:00-11:00 a.m. Bonds posted at the Justice Center may be done at any time. The St. Louis Police Department staffs the Justice Center.

All bail bonds at the St. Louis County Justice Center are subject to an additional $20.00 service charge per warrant or Case Number assigned. This is their rule and they collect all additional fees. This fee applies to any bond posted there, regardless of original court or venue. Bonds at the St. Louis County Justice Center have no time restriction and may be posted at any time. A St. Louis County Police Officer is always on duty at the Justice center.

Bail bonds at the St. Charles County Jail have no time restrictions and may be posted at any time. During normal court hours the bond must be posted at the St. Charles County Court House. After hours bonds are posted directly at the jail.

Bail bonds at the Warren County Jail and the Lincoln County Jail have no time restrictions and may be posted at any time. They may be subject to an additional $10.00-$15.00 bond fee depending on the bond.

At the St. Charles City Missouri Police Jail there is a short, specific list of bail bond agents they will allow to write bonds in their city. Contact your local bail bond professional for more specific information and to verify if they are on this list. There are no time restrictions and bonds may be posted at any time.

At the St. Peters City Missouri Police Jail bonds are considered “Cash Only” if they are under $1,000.00. Surety bonds may only be posted here if the bond amount is $1,000.00 or more. There are no time restrictions and bonds may be posted at any time.

Surety and/or secured bonds are currently not accepted at the Overland Missouri City Police Jail. When they are, the bond must be written at 3 times the stated bond amount. That is, any bail bondsman must post a $900.00 bond for a $300.00 bond, a $750.00 bond for a $250.00 bond, etc. and must charge accordingly. This is their rule and applies to all bail bondsmen. There are no time restrictions and bonds may be posted at any time.

Bonds at the Jennings Missouri City Police Jail must be written at 10 times the stated bond amount. That is, any bail bondsman must post a $3,000.00 bond for a $300.00 bond, a $2,500.00 bond for a $250.00 bond, etc. and must charge accordingly. This is their rule and applies to all bail bondsmen. There are no time restrictions and bonds may be posted at any time.

Bail bonds at the Chesterfield Missouri City Police Jail vary greatly from the stated cash amount depending on the charge and circumstance. The bond agent must call them before any price may be quoted. There are no time restrictions and bonds may be posted at any time.

Any location not listed either has no specific rules, or they do not accept surety bonds. Please call your local Missouri bail bond professional for more information.

Missouri Requires the OSHA 10 Hour Construction Course

The state of Missouri requires workers to complete the OSHA 10 hour construction safety course when working on certain types of construction projects. In all, there are 7 states that have some form of this requirement. The specific criteria for projects in Missouri differ from the other states as do the penalties and the enforcement of this requirement. All of these are covered in this article; as well what is considered valid proof or completion.

Projects covered by the OSHA 10 Hour Requirement

Missouri state government defines a construction project covered by the requirement for the OSHA 10 hour course as:

  • Public works projects, including work done by utilities
  • Construction, reconstruction, demolition, painting, decorating or major repairs

The state defines “public works” to include projects that are even partly funded by state or local governments. Many states have a cutoff for smaller dollar value projects; for example, projects under $100,000 may be exempt. It is unclear if Missouri has this requirement. There are a few small exceptions for public utility and rail crossing projects.

Covered Employees and Timeline

Every worker doing onsite work needs to complete the OSHA 10 hour course within 60 days of doing work at the construction site. This 60 day buffer is a nice benefit that employers have in Missouri that many other states do not allow.

One other nice part of the requirement is that employees that are onsite and asked for proof of completion of the course have up to 20 days to produce the proof. This does not mean they have 20 days to take the course after being asked for proof, but it does give then an opportunity to produce proof if they happen to have forgotten or misplaced the proof of completion.

Geographic Areas Covered

All major metropolitan areas, including Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield, and Columbia, and all rural areas are covered by this requirement, as long as the project meets the requirements above for size and public works.

Proof of Completion

The Missouri statue does not define the requirements for proof of completion. However, other states accept:

  • OSHA 10 hour card, issued by the Department of Labor
  • Certificate or completion from an OSHA accepted provider

Workers are encouraged to verify with their employer any specific proof of completion required for the specific worksite, however, in virtually all cases, a certificate of completion from an OSHA accepted provider is acceptable.

Penalties and Notification

Both contractors and subcontractors need to meet this requirement. The public entity putting out the bid is also required to include the OSHA 10 hour requirement in the call for bids.

The penalty to the contractor is $2,500 plus $100 for each employee for each day they are employed without completing the OSHA 10 hour course. The public body managing the project withholds the money from payments to the contractor.

The requirements for the OSHA 10 hour course began on August 28, 2009 and are still in effect.

The department of labor and industrial relations is responsible for enforcing this requirement for the state of Missouri. The information in this article is only a summary; specific questions regarding how the requirements pertain to a particular job or worksite should be made to this department.

Why One Should Buy Land in Missouri

Are you planning to buy a property? Then buying a property in Missouri, located in the Mid-western part of the United States, can be a great choice. Read this article to find out about Missouri and why purchasing land there could be a great investment for the future.

The state of Missouri is located in the mid-western part of the United States. It is surrounded by 7 neighboring states simply Oklahoma, Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Iowa and Nebraska. Missouri is the eighth most populated state. One can find purchasable land in Missouri at locations such as the Antler Ridge, Barnes Hollow, Indian Creek and Whispering Oaks Ranch. One can buy land in Missouri for camping, hunting and residential purposes. Whatever the reason may be, one is sure to find a tract of land to his / her liking.

Missouri is considered an ideal place for those who find peace in witnessing natural beauty. Antler Ridge, that is located in the interior part of Missouri, borders the Mark Twain National Forest on the east side while on its south and west side is the Pioneer Forest Conservation Area. The national forest area is as wide as 420,000 acres, which gives one an opportunity to explore and enjoy the wildlife. The surrounding area is completely amazing with lush foliage and large pine and oak trees. Antler Ridge is a perfect place for those who love fishing, camping and rafting. Barnes Hollow is located in Shannon County near to the Texas County. It is the ideal place for recreational activities. One can opt for buying land in Barnes Hollows for residential purpose. The area is a part of the splendid National Scenic River ways.

Indian Creek is bordered by the Pea Ridge Conservation Area. The 420,000 acres of The Mark Twain National Forest near it is an exciting chance for anyone who finds thrill in hunting and camping in forest areas. Here, one has the option of building a camp, cabin or permanent residence on the property. While Whispering Oaks Ranch is situated near to Montauk State Park and Mark Twain National Forest. This is a place for anyone who enjoys a country lifestyle.

One can choose to purchase from this land for sale in Missouri by taking the help of property dealers, who deal in the sale and purchase of property.

As for the climate, Missouri can be hot and humid in summers and completely the opposite in the winters. One might wonder about the connectivity of Missouri to the rest of the country. Missouri has two major airport hubs; one is Lambert-St. Louis International Airport and Kansas City International Airport being the other. America's three busiest rail centers are located in Missouri: Kansas City Railway, Norfolk Southern Railway and Union Pacific Railway.

So, if one is planning to purchase a tract of land in Missouri, nothing can get better than this with the opportunity to experience the natural beauty of the country while living there. Interestingly, these tracts of land are available at very affordable prices and are mostly located at picturesque locations. One who loves to spend some time away from the busy city life, enjoying camping and hunting, purchasing a land in Missouri is the best investment.

Purchasing Medicare Supplement Insurance in Missouri

Purchasing a Medicare supplement in Missouri can be somewhat overwhelming if you are not familiar with the process. You must be at least 65 years old or approved for Medicare disability. You must also be enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B with the federal government.

There are ten modernized plans available to choose from (A- N) as well as high deductible Plan F. It is important to request an outline of coverage from your agent so that you know what each plan covers. All plans are not offered by all insurance companies. Traditional Plan F is most comprehensive and usually most popular with those who are Medicare eligible.

All other plans will cover some of the gaps in Medicare and therefore you will have more potential out of pocket expenses. Should you choose a less comprehensive plan, you may end up with larger medical bills.

Missouri Medigap Anniversary Rule

What makes Missouri unique when compared to other states is the yearly anniversary rule. Each year, you can switch Medicare supplements in Missouri without medical underwriting. You can switch to like or lesser coverage with a different company in order to lower your premiums.

If for instance you have Plan G coverage, you could switch to another Plan G or any plan with less benefits without underwriting. However, because Plan F provides greater benefits than G, you would need to be underwritten in order to switch to a F Plan.

Your yearly anniversary is unique and occurs within a month of your effective date. It does not necessarily occur during the month of your birthday, but rather when you were enrolled into the Medigap coverage. The window of time to take advantage of this rule encompasses the the 30 days on either side of your effective date.

In order to enroll in a new Medicare supplement during this time, you only need to provide the new insurance company with a copy of the effective date of your old policy.

Medicare Supplements Under Age 65 – Disability Coverage

The state of Missouri also allows for individuals who are on Medicare disability to enroll into a supplemental plan. Just like those who are Turing 65, you must enroll during your open enrollment period to be issued a policy on a guaranteed basis. Open enrollment encompasses the three months before your approval, the month of your approval, and the three months after.

It is important for those who are on disability to take advantage of this window of time. Otherwise, you can be denied coverage later on if you need to be medically underwritten. Those on disability can also take advantage of the yearly anniversary rule.

Purchasing a Supplemental Policy

If you are in need of supplemental insurance, it is wise to shop through an agent. There is no mark up for their services and you can compare prices from several companies at once. By learning the plan designs and shopping for the best rates, you should have no problems finding a suitable Medicare supplement insurance plan.

Why is Trenton, Missouri Such a Great Place to Live?

Between 1984 and now (2009), I lived in St. Louis. Louis, MO, Kansas City, MO, Phoenix, AZ, Sand Diego, CA and Guam USA. I returned to Trenton, Mo in December of 2000; it was a bit of a shock to my system, since less than 24 hours before arriving in Trenton- in the middle of a snow storm- I had been frolicking on the white sands of Haputo Beach in Guam.

As an author and professional speaker, I could live virtually anywhere; few places in the United States are more than a couple of hours from the nearest airport, and my "office" is usually wherever I would like it to be on any given day. In short, I could live anywhere, and even after having traveled much of the world, I choose to live here. A question I used to ask myself was "Why?"

I could go on and on about the massive growth of the North Central Missouri College over the last few years; I could talk about the walking trail that has been used, since, more than any other public facility ever built in Trenton, and the friends and family you can see while out for a leisurely stroll or vigilant run on the 1.35 mile paved path; I could tell you about the teachers in the R-9 school district, and how comfortable it is to really know the men and women who are teaching your children. But that's not what makes Trenton, Missouri what it is to the people who live here. No, it's something far more subjective and ethereal in nature.

What makes Trenton, MO the place that so many people, like me, the place they choose to live is the ancestral quality you find here. Many of the families that live here are 3rd, 4th, and even 5th generation descendants of the men and women who served as the foundation for this community. While I can not put a finger on it, you get the feeling that the people that live here now, feel obliged to uphold the values ​​and traditions that their parents, grandparents, great grandsparents and beyond operated from. Most of the people I met in places like San Diego were from somewhere else.

Trenton, for me, is like that favorite pair of jeans; they may not be your newest pair, and they certainly are not perfect, but given the choice to pick which ones you'll feel most comfortable in, you always wear that one pair.

If you're looking for a place to live, Trenton, Missouri may very well have something unique to offer. To be sure, you may have to get online or travel to Kansas City to do some of your annual clothes shopping, and why not, Kansas City has a lot to offer. But if you would like to not only know who your neighbors are, but know deep down inside, that when you are gone, they'll be keeping an eye on things for you, and on occasion, maybe even bring you a sack of garden fresh tomatoes, then you'll like what you find in this quiet, safe, and comfortable little community in North Central Missouri.