When the Mississippi Flowed Backward

Tectonic events such as a 5.8 earthquake in California and a volcano eruption in Washington – riveted our attention. But they failed to match the New Madrid Quakes of Dec. 1811-Feb. 1812 that caused the mighty Mississippi River briefly to flow backward. Consider the eyewitness deposition of Firmin La Roche, a French fur trader of […]

The History of St. Louis Imperial Swing Dancing

There are a total of eight swing dance clubs located in and around the St. Louis area (including M.U.S.I.C. in Collinsville, Illinois) that are members of the Midwest Swing Dance Federation, and all of these clubs are descended from the St. Louis Imperial Dance Club that was founded in 1973. The largest of these sister […]

Route 66 – What's All the Fuss About Anyway?

For many, Route 66 is in their blood – they grow up on the old highway, traveled the road with their parents when they were kids, or, sometimes, even pumped gas at one of those vintage filling stations that actually knew what the term " customer service "mean. For others, they are nostalgic like me […]

Earthquake Insurance – Protect Your Assets and Investments

Earthquake Hazards in the United States Although the West Coast and Alaska generally has the greatest earthquake activity, the potential for earthquakes exist almost everywhere in the United States. Active areas in the Midwest include: 1) The New Madrid Seismic Zone in southeastern Missouri which has the potential to impact eight states: Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, […]

Christmas Turtles

Inspired by true events and the author's diabetic Grandmother, Christmas Turtles is a 32-page festival hardcover book that was released in October 2006. The winter cabin scene on the protective slipcover is identical to the art on the hardcover. Perfectly complementing the winter scenery, the book opens to dark green pages – reminiscent of evergreen […]

Ways to Find Cheaper Auto Insurance

Finding cheaper Missouri auto insurance can be difficult if you do not know where to look. If you find you are spending a lot of money on insurance every year and want to change that, then this article will inform you on how you can find cheaper auto coverage when living in Missouri. The key […]