For Sale By Owner – Use This Tip To Sell Your Home Quicker and At a Better Price

Your house is for sale by owner (fsbo), Along with columns of countless other FSBO's in the Sunday paper. This one little trick will enable you to have your Ad Noticed by more potential buyers. More buyers means you to sell your home quicker and at a better price.

Have you ever gone to purchase a car. Did you notice when you negotiate the car dealer does not tell you the price of the car he tells you the monthly payment. What would you rather pay $ 25,000 or $ 482.00 (a month).

You can use the same principal when it comes to selling your house. You can run an Ad that says 3 bedroom 2 bath 2,000 Square Foot Home in nice quiet neighborhood with Monthly payments of $ 499.88 for qualified buyers. What would you rather pay for a house $ 165,000 or $ 499.88 a month.

Here are 2 more Ads.

  1. For Sale By Owner Nice House with Monthly Payments under $ 500 a Month, How much are you paying for rent?
  2. Buy your Dream Home for less then a Car Payment on that Fancy SUV. Only $ 499 a Month for qualified buyers

You may have run the math and said how do you get a payment of less then $ 500 a month on a $ 165,000 house, that can not be right. Currently loans are available with a Major National lender at an interest rate of 1.25%. A $ 165,000 House with a 10% Down Payment would qualify for a mortgage of under $ 500 a month.