The Key To Unlocking A Fulfilling Lifestyle

"The key to a fulfilling life does not lie in a bulging bank balance." In fact, being rich, popular and influential is the least likely way to find contentment, "according to new research by psychologists. Kennon Sheldon of the University of Missouri-Columbia, in the US stated: "In Western cultures, many advertisements suggest we should be beautiful, popular and rich. people. " The Independent of London reported a 2001 study of more than 700 college students, which revealed that according to the students, "self-esteem" and "being close to others" were the most important factors in their happiness. Money was mentioned very often as a reason for happiness. The belief that "'those who think money can not buy happiness do not know where to shop' has been dispelled," says the newspaper.

A youngster starting out his or her career after school or university, discovers how frustrating it is to be labeled as having "insufficient working experience" making it difficult to find a decent job. A highly skilled individual in the corporate rat race, may find that although he is well compensated, his quality time is essentially non-existent. A mother may experience heartache and serious guilt at the prospect of leaving her baby or small children with strangers while she climbs the corporate ladder. Franchise business owners enduring grueling hours, countless hassles and liabilities in running a brick-and-mortar business. An individual who finds his career fulfilling is frustrated when he is forcibly retired. Retirees have encountered the pain of a dwindling retirement fund after years of saving, due to the economic crises.

Individuals and families today are understandably concerned about the uncertain economy and the price paid for pursuing high pressured practitioners. Many are lured by the unsavoury promises to get-rich-quick, or "make easy money" schemes that are becoming more prominent in the marketplace today. "Losing your head" in such uncertain times is foolish. When acting in desperation you lose your common sense and reality takes a back seat. Having clarity in a world of chaos can be challenging, but it is vital if you are going to provide a better present and future for yourself and for those you care about deeply.

Making money is definitely a by-product. It is certainly a necessity in our world today, however it should not be the "be all and end all" to your life. What is it that you hold dearest to your heart? Is it possessions? Is it your material things, your house, your furniture or your car? Surely what you value most is the person you become and how you impact others lives around you? If you are truly compassionate and loving then what you hold most precious to your heart should be your relationships with others? This could be your relationship with yourself, your spouse, your children, your extended family and close friends. This could also be the empathy you have for those less fortunate than yourself or the causes you believe in most.

If you engage in some worthwhile self-examination, digging deep within yourself, you will discover why you do what you do and what is most important to you. You will unlock your deepest desires and passions and reveal honestly what you value most and what life journey you will embark on going forward. It may be the desire to become self-employed rather than wasting your time searching for the "perfect job" which does not exist. Your desire may be to quit the corporate rat race in favor of more quality time with your nearest and dearest. Your passion may be to see your children growing up rather than missing out on special moments because you were too busy climbing that corporate ladder. Your passion could be to sell that brick-and-mortar franchise business that has become a ball and chain around your ankle. Your desire may be to continue keeping active retirement retirement, continuing to keep the "old gray matter" filled with substance and vitality. Your passion may be to see your grandchildren more often and work from home in your own home based business permanently being offically retired.

Whatever your desires or your passions, life becomes much more rewarding and fulfilling when you know who you are, what you want and how you aim to achieve your ambitions. You could discover that you would love to see the world, meet new people, embrace another language or culture or provide a better nest egg for your loved ones. Whatever your passion, nothing happens until you take the necessary action steps to achieving that aspiration. How do you feel today, right here, right now? Are you willing to make some changes to your life? How do you feel about working from home empowering you to see your loved ones more often or to enjoy traveling the world with your very own online business? If you're ready to take action find out how you can enjoy an inspired life, empowering yourself and others by simply checking out this link here Worldwide Online Business .