Valuable Facts About CNA Certification in Missouri

Individuals must complete three essential steps to receive a CNA Certification in Missouri for employment in nursing homes, hospitality, hospitals and other licensed facilities including:

  • Complete 75-hour classroom training
  • Complete 100-hour on-the-job training
  • Pass MI competency evaluation exam

MI Nurse Aide Training Program (NATP)

After January 1, 1980, any individual aiming to perform nursing and nursing aide-related tasks in long-term care and licensed facilities must complete federal and state-approved Nurse Aide Training Program before challenging the state Competency Evaluation Test. If any nursing assistant is hired in a facility, he / she must enroll in a state-approved training program within 90 days and complete it within 120 days of his / hr employment in the facility. The MO Department of Health and Senior Services has approved professional organizations, licensed facilities, vocational high schools and community colleges as training venues for MO NATP.

Mo Competency Evaluation Test (CEP)

The MO Certification Test consists of two parts – a Written (or Oral) Test and a Skills Test. In order to be eligible for challenging MO Certification Test, an applicant must either complete state NATP or have an approval letter from the Division of Aging granting permission to place in the final Certification exam.

In order to pass the written Test successfully, the testing student must answer 40 multiple-choice questions correctly out of presented 50 questions from a standardized curriculum of the Division of Aging. To pass the Skills Test, a student must successfully complete minimal 9 demonstrations under the monitoring of a licensed test evaluator or an instructor. The candidates are rated on the basis of the correct performance of each procedure.

A candidate who fails the final test is granted two (2) opportunities within 90 days to retake the test, and if he / she fails the test even after 3 attempts, the entire course, or as determined by the test evaluator must be completed once again for retesting. CNA Certification in Missouri is awarded to the successful candidate, and he / she is registered on the MO Nurse Aide Registry. The registered CNAs are also permitted to be employed in nursing homes and other licensed nursing facilities across the state.

MO CNA Certification Active and Inactive Status

The certification remains valid for 2 years on the MO Registry before it becomes inactive and in order to maintain it in an active status, certified nursing assistants must perform one day's Paid nursing service within 24 consecutive months.

If a CNA does not perform any paid services in 5 years, the license is expired. The nursing assistant is prohibited from working in facilities with an expired license. He / she need to complete the entire course again to be eligible to work as a certified nursing assistant in a long-term care or other licensed facilities.