Why is Trenton, Missouri Such a Great Place to Live?

Between 1984 and now (2009), I lived in St. Louis. Louis, MO, Kansas City, MO, Phoenix, AZ, Sand Diego, CA and Guam USA. I returned to Trenton, Mo in December of 2000; it was a bit of a shock to my system, since less than 24 hours before arriving in Trenton- in the middle of a snow storm- I had been frolicking on the white sands of Haputo Beach in Guam.

As an author and professional speaker, I could live virtually anywhere; few places in the United States are more than a couple of hours from the nearest airport, and my "office" is usually wherever I would like it to be on any given day. In short, I could live anywhere, and even after having traveled much of the world, I choose to live here. A question I used to ask myself was "Why?"

I could go on and on about the massive growth of the North Central Missouri College over the last few years; I could talk about the walking trail that has been used, since, more than any other public facility ever built in Trenton, and the friends and family you can see while out for a leisurely stroll or vigilant run on the 1.35 mile paved path; I could tell you about the teachers in the R-9 school district, and how comfortable it is to really know the men and women who are teaching your children. But that's not what makes Trenton, Missouri what it is to the people who live here. No, it's something far more subjective and ethereal in nature.

What makes Trenton, MO the place that so many people, like me, the place they choose to live is the ancestral quality you find here. Many of the families that live here are 3rd, 4th, and even 5th generation descendants of the men and women who served as the foundation for this community. While I can not put a finger on it, you get the feeling that the people that live here now, feel obliged to uphold the values ​​and traditions that their parents, grandparents, great grandsparents and beyond operated from. Most of the people I met in places like San Diego were from somewhere else.

Trenton, for me, is like that favorite pair of jeans; they may not be your newest pair, and they certainly are not perfect, but given the choice to pick which ones you'll feel most comfortable in, you always wear that one pair.

If you're looking for a place to live, Trenton, Missouri may very well have something unique to offer. To be sure, you may have to get online or travel to Kansas City to do some of your annual clothes shopping, and why not, Kansas City has a lot to offer. But if you would like to not only know who your neighbors are, but know deep down inside, that when you are gone, they'll be keeping an eye on things for you, and on occasion, maybe even bring you a sack of garden fresh tomatoes, then you'll like what you find in this quiet, safe, and comfortable little community in North Central Missouri.